Global markets move quickly in the digital age. Talent can be scarce - and hard to attract and retain. Partners appear to lack loyalty.  How does a Japanese Multinational company, or a company that’s been acquired by same, best compete and win in global markets?

Bring Chet onto your team to assist with:

  • Business Planning and Market Analysis

  • Portfolio Optimization

  • Leadership Development

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Product Management Optimization

  • Partnerships and Alliances
  • Research and Development Strategy

Choose the Services Model that brings you the most value:


Chet has worked across all functions in Japanese multinational companies operating outside of Japan. Chet will guide you with recommendations, identify challenges, and offer solutions for the unique challenges that you’re facing. Engage once for an initial consultation, and extend it if you’re happy with the results.


Chet has extensive experience facilitating cross-cultural working sessions and offsites in the areas of organic growth and transformation. In addition, Chet helps address cross-cultural challenges that may be impacting your business planning, innovation, or go to market process.


Bring Chet in to lead a specific engagement, or add him to an existing team which would benefit from his extensive experience implementing  growth and transformation initiatives inside a Japanese-owned company.

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